There has been many memorable and exciting sporting feats which have been accomplished over this winter period in Durmitor. The activities range from the usual snowboarding, skiing and trekking to the more daring activities, such as Ice rock climbing! One perfect adventure and adrenaline example of this was completed on the 28th January 2017, by a group of 8 climbers, lead by Nikola Djuric & Dusan Brankovic. The climbers conquered the largest waterfalls in Montenegro, which are located in the village of Dobrilovina in the Tara Canyon. The summit is formed on the steep mountain waterfalls from the run off from Zabojsko lake, which creates two waterfalls that form and cross over one another, producing an ascent of 150 meters from one lower part of the mountain base. Climbing frozen waterfalls is an attractive alpine discipline, however you do need perfect weather conditions, and luckily this year the climbers had just that, with ideal temperatures ranging from 12- to -5 degrees; enabling safe climbing and good quality ice! Hope you enjoy the photos.



The Horse Riding activity proved popular with our guests last season, as it is a unique experience for both new comers and more experienced riders.  The guests who chose to do this activity either did it on their days off at the camp or on an hourly basis in the afternoons, once they had concluded another activity. The horse riding instructor brothers of Marko and Milos, are both native to Zabljak and have grown up with horses their whole lives there, and know all the best routes on where to take guests for a great day out. They also professionally race they’re horses and have won many trophies and medals over the years. As was proven, the horse riding is not for everyone and not everyone from last season found it an easy ride, but for the most part our guests really loved the challenge and experience! We’ve included some of the snaps from last season – hope you enjoy!


The Zip Lining activity is now included in all of our 4 Adventure tours and so all future guests do not need to think too much whether they wished to do it 🙂 but now they can just go ahead and enjoy! The Zip line is the longest in the region, with a height of 152 m and length of 740 m, and is great fun for all ages and is included in our Lake & Canyon day. This day is great for our guests and proved really popular last season. The day starts with heading to the Tara Canyon and our guests there can enjoy taking in both the beautiful scenery and some photo’s of the Djurdjevica Bridge. There we do the adrenaline Zip Line before heading off to view three lakes, where our guests can relax and also swim. Then we head over back into town for a really tasty Traditional Montenegrin lunch, before completing our day at Curevac Canyon; which is where the Tara canyon is at its widest and highest point! Hope you enjoy some of our guests photo’s!