A great NEW Adventure activity which was new for 2017 was the Quad Biking tours in and around the amazing Durmitor mountains. We tried to add this as an extra activity for all our guests this past season, and have now included it as an activity to 2 of our Adventure tours from 2018 season! We shall also be adding Paragliding and Rock Climbing as +activities for season 2018, and we’ll keep you posted with this soon. The Quad Biking is an amazing experience, filled with plenty of excitement and fun, while you ride through the Durmitor Wilderness!


Just recently we have been very busy, with our season now in full swing and guests arriving each week! Along with all the great activities available in Durmitor, recently from the start of July there is a professional team of Paragliders offering guests the chance to fly down the Savin Kuk mountain. There are two levels, lower and higher and would cost either €70 or €90. This would be a perfect way to view the Durmitor mountains and region. The trip lasts an approx 20 minutes and the pilots try to make it last as much as possible. It’s perfect for all adrenaline seekers!


Last season all of our guests enjoyed the Rafting activity and loved the excitement on the Tara river rapids! The Rafting activity is one of the most popular things to do in Montenegro as a one-day activity and many guests even travel up from the coastline to do the activity and visit the mountains to experience it’s beauty. The Rafting is more extreme in the early spring months of April/May when the snow is melting and produces larger rapids, however these months are for more adrenaline seekers; whilst the summer months is the time most guests can enjoy and also relax. The Tara river is clean enough to drink and is one of the rare rivers in the world where you can drink directly from source, as it has many clean natural springs and waterfalls gushing into it. Guests on the rafting route pass underneath the monumental bridge ‘Durdevica Most’, which stands at 165 meters high; and they enjoy great rapids, jumps from cascading rocks, quick swimming dips and also realize just how calm and beautiful the Tara river is with all it’s wild beauty!