It’s that time of year again folks, the January hangover, feeling a bit bloated & heavy, after over indulging over the festive period! But don’t worry, it’s a great time to get fit as the Mountains are awaiting New guests, for New Adventure experiences! A New activity for 2019 will be the Adrenaline Via Ferrata rock climb! The Via Ferrata (iron path) is a route in the rocks with a fixed steel ladder and safety ropes installed, enabling safe climbing. The iron path, as it is also called, is intended for everyone that is keen on rock climbing, but lacking previous mountaineering experience. It’s the first step to mountaineering, since the feeling is the same, being high up on the rocks and enjoying the views but always feeling safe since you are secured at all times. Climbing on the Via Ferrata demands a certain physical engagement and physical abilities of climbers, so it’s a good time to start getting into shape – The Mountain Awaits!!! 🙂


Hi Guys, hope you are all well and like us preparing for a busy and great season ahead! This season along with all the  firm activity favourites we shall also be adding the add+ on activity of Rock Climbing! The activity is based nearby to our camp and would be for all ages and beginners and experts. There are two walls with the routes suited both for  climbers. The Eastern Wall is an easy, inclined wall, ideal for beginners; with six climbing routes with difficulties between grade 3 and grade 4+ (French scale), all about 10 m long. The Western Wall is a vertical, articulated cliff with fourteen long routes, with difficulties from 5b to 7b+ and length up to 30 meters. Both parts of the wall have been prepared with the safest sport climbing equipment. Our professional guides have over 20 climbs of various levels and all professional equipment is supplied and so very safe! So all you need is bags of energy and the will to try something different and exciting!


At Montenegro-Mountain as a young family ourselves, we are completely geared up for Family Adventure Fun and our Adventure tours offer an abundance of challenging activities for the whole family! We know it’s important for parents to choose holidays which all family members will enjoy; so our Adventure tours are designed with families in mind and offer great fun & excitement that everyone can enjoy. By doing activities together, families build stronger bonds, where they help, rely and push one another to complete activities together! In this digital age it’s great to escape (as much as possible) technology and get back to basics; particularly to a National Park and enjoy the freedom of the wonderful outdoors, enabling guests and particularly children to explore, learn and truly experience a slice of Rivers, Mountains, Lakes and Forests, by doing Rafting, Zip Lining, Trekking, Mountain Biking & Wild swimming, etc! We offer great discounts for families and so it’s a great time to book your Adventure places with us!