The month of March has proved a great time for skiers to catch the last bit of snow and winter in Durmitor and a great ski run can be viewed on this youtube clip in the following link: You can view how skiing looks from the top of Savin Kuk mountain. The video was uploaded by the team who are a group of adventure enthusiasts from the town of Zabljak. They took perfect advantage of a crisp sunny day in March for a vertical ride down 1,000 meters of lovely pure snow; with the top peak and sloping sides to the foot of the mountain having close to 1,000 meters altitude difference. Montenegro-Mountain is now gearing up for our Spring opening and we shall be posting more news shortly!


The writers Andrew Gowans and Martin Hesse wrote an article for the UK Telegraph newspaper last year, of their skiing experience in Montenegro. They wrote: ‘Montenegro is still relatively unknown, despite presenting a wealth of snow sport opportunities 90% of this small country on the Balkan Peninsula is covered by mountainous terrain. It’s the perfect destination for free-skiing mountaineers in search of fresh adventure’. The writers are both very good skiers and toured the surrounding mountains and wrote of Savin Kuk “from the summit we have 1000 m of vertical all to ourselves, perfect blue sky, great views, fresh powder on every turn, an unbeatable feeling! Over the next couple of days we tackle another two routes, the back side of the Savin Kuk mountain (2313m), we get to head down long perfect powder lines. The top section is a wide face, with plenty of space to arc out big turns, before narrowing and winding back down to the resort base. We work the ridge line, which eventually banks round into a shaded valley of glorious snow, scattered with playful free-ride features. With more than 48 peaks to explore, we could easily stay in Durmitor for a full month’. They added ‘Montenegro, a country I’m half hoping will stay off the beaten track – at least until I can come back and ski the three peaks we missed out on!’


As reported in the local newspaper yesterday the Skiing season opened in Zabljak, at the ski resort Javorovaca. This ski slope is ideal for beginners and on its opening attracted around 200 skiers, snowboarders and the youngest on their sleigh. Around half of the participants were teachers and trainers of skiing, organized by the national association Predagoga ski-sports crowd. A resort worker Milika Popovic was quoted as saying “these are happy times on Durmitor and with the first days of skiing. At this moment we have about 30 cm of snow and ​​all present could say they are really happy and we at the ski center are proud to have opened”. On the sun-drenched terrace of the restaurant Slavica Vujicic from Pljevlja added “This is fantastic not only for children but also for us adults. Zabljak is so close and it does not cost much and the air and active benefits are multiple”.