We do like to mix up our tours each year, and so for the coming 2019 season we have decided to slightly change our Adrenaline Tour! We do have guests that are up for a bigger challenge and really enjoy the physical aspects of ours tours; with previous guests having always asked about camping in the mountains! So for this season we have included our ‘two peak trekking tour’ which includes the two peaks of Bobatov Kuk and Prutas mountains; with camping in between at Skrcka Lake! The lake is a perfect setting, with beautiful water for wild swimming! The lake has a camping hut there, and so we plan a night at this beautiful setting with our guides and fellow guests. The camping equipment is all provided, along with all camping food for the lunch, evening and breakfast! So with everything ready for you, it’s definitely time to get into Peak Performance and enjoy the stunning nature and views when we reach those Summits!


Although our Adventure camp is land based, in the Durmitor mountain terrain of Montenegro’s National Park, our activities are not also all land based. Indeed we have many activities based around the water throughout the summer months; within Durmitor’s stunning lakes, streams & rivers. This includes Rafting, Canyoning & Wild Swimming also available on trekking and mountain biking day’s! So there’s plenty of water fun to be had when it’s a beautiful summer’s day, and for the Bravehearted on the not so perfect day’s! 🙂


It’s that time of year, now in January, where people are checking out where to travel to? for their summer hols! However just before you click and book that tempting lazy summer beach holiday, just have a think about those first couple of days into the holiday. Yes, you’ve done the pool and beach, and it is relaxing, but then what? it does all start to become a bit monotonous, lying down and not doing anything! Now start thinking about an active Adventurous holiday, that will push you, your family or friends to new heights! where you’ll all receive a great feeling of accomplishment, with tackling Mountains, Forests, Lakes and Rivers! We promise a great experience, something you’ll all remember!!! As the quote goes “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try!!! The Mountain Awaits!!! 🙂