There has been many memorable and exciting sporting feats which have been accomplished over this winter period in Durmitor. The activities range from the usual snowboarding, skiing and trekking to the more daring activities, such as Ice rock climbing! One perfect adventure and adrenaline example of this was completed on the 28th January 2017, by a group of 8 climbers, lead by Nikola Djuric & Dusan Brankovic. The climbers conquered the largest waterfalls in Montenegro, which are located in the village of Dobrilovina in the Tara Canyon. The summit is formed on the steep mountain waterfalls from the run off from Zabojsko lake, which creates two waterfalls that form and cross over one another, producing an ascent of 150 meters from one lower part of the mountain base. Climbing frozen waterfalls is an attractive alpine discipline, however you do need perfect weather conditions, and luckily this year the climbers had just that, with ideal temperatures ranging from 12- to -5 degrees; enabling safe climbing and good quality ice! Hope you enjoy the photos.