We had a great adventure season opener for 2017, going with some friends Canyoning over last weekend! We did this Canyoning activity in canyon Rikavac which is located in the town of Bar, along the southern coastal region of Montenegro. The canyon route takes an approx 3 hours to complete and is ideal for group sizes between 4-8 persons. The canyon route takes you through jumps, climbs and abseiling along rock cliffs and waterfalls. This canyon is great for beginners and novices to canyoning before they might try harder canyoning passes such as Nevidio, Medjurejce or Sopot; and is a great introduction to this adrenaline sport! The canyoning routes of Sopot, Medjurejce and Sopot will be added to the activity section soon and can be arranged separately for our guests that are staying by the coast! Hope you enjoy the photos!