There has of course as always been great write ups in the press regarding Montenegro and it’s beauty! However recently many press releases about on Montenegro have started to promote and concentrate on the north of the country; opposed to the southern coastline. They have highlighted both the fantastic scenery and activities that the national parks in the north have to offer visitors. The ‘Jetsetter’ website places Montenegro as their number 2 in the top destinations to visit in 2017, adding ‘Durmitor Natioanal Park offers views of peaks and glacial lakes that will sear themselves into your memory, if not your Instagram’. The Telegraph newspaper has placed Durmitor as number 4 in their top 25 places you need to visit in your lifetime in Eastern Europe. The blogging website ‘Best World Yet’ have an excellent article on Montenegro, quoting ‘In a place of such scenic beauty, I believe that pictures speak louder than words. Not even the most eloquent stanzas of poetry can do justice in describing Montenegro’. Lastly ‘Lonely Planet’ have done a fantastic write up on all the activities and cultural elements to be found in the north! So all in all the north of Montenegro, particularly Durmitor is now slowly but surely on the world’s radar!