Recently three friends of ours from spent the night on top of Savin Kuk mountain, the mountain which is situated nearby to our adventure base camp. Matija, Luka and Javork decided to do a time lapse video and take some amazing photos from the top of the mountain. With their tents packed they headed up the slopes with their tents packed to reach the 2,313 summit. The night air was very cold and high winds forced the adventure trio to take cover in the nearby ski lift hut at around 01.00 am; but the guys managed to take some fantastic photos and enjoyed the crisp sunset and sunrise, along with great skiing time on the way down! The nights at our camp bring incredible stars out for guests to gaze at and on clear nights the Milky way in the galaxy can even be seen! The beginning of spring has bought us lovely sunny weather and the snow is melting fast in Durmitor, perfectly in time for us to get everything together at our camp for a great 2017 season! We hope you enjoy their photos and see you all soon!