Savin Kuk mountain is situated right behind our camp in Durmitor and along with its stunning views it also offers an abundance of activities, such as snowboarding, skiing and trekking activities. In the summer our guests can take the cable cart to the top of Savin Kuk, which is included in our mountain bike activity day, where they can really get a feel for the mountain. However this winter our adrenaline friends at used the mountain for the sport of Paragliding. The paragliding team said “the Zabljak plateau provides ideal conditions for learning basic steps of this sport and the massif of Durmitor is a great challenge for even the most experienced pilots. Since the ski resort Savin Kuk has a lift that works in the winter and summer months, the take-off is very easily accessible. Top Savin Kuk is on an altitude of 2,313 meters and it has a beautiful view of Durmitor and its regions, which contributes to the attractiveness of the take-off.”  They went on to say “when the conditions are good it is possible to take off and eventually rise to over 3,000 meters”. Paragliding is one of the youngest air sports and one of the easiest ways to make your dream of flying. In the last 15 years, this sport has very intensively developed and has become more prevalent in aviation sport as well as outdoor activities. When it comes to safety though the genre among the extreme sports, paragliding is a very safe sport. This safety primarily depends on the experience of the pilot, as the pilot is the one who decides in what conditions to fly. We hope you enjoy the pics.