Zabljak is a great place to visit for food lovers, with plenty of excellent restaurants and cafes offering up great cuisines with different and varied tastes! There are many places to chose to eat, offering national cuisine restaurants, modern restaurants with modern menus and fast food, although most Montenegrin’s prefer ‘slow food’! 🙂 Typically you will find hearty mountain foods, which are meant to keep local people going throughout the year; this is normally meat based dishes, with local organic ingredients. The national cuisine of ‘ispod saca’ is slow cooked braised meats of tender lamb or veal with potatoes, the cooking process takes a few hours where the meats juices are infused with the potatoes and vegetables in a clay earth pot. This dish is served to our guests on our Lake and Canyon tour and it was a real hit with everyone! Our guests also enjoyed the food offered for free in Zabljak, this was the many berries available on treks, such as forest strawberries, black berries, blue berries and raspberries. Also Zabljak has many varied mushrooms which can be picked, and our guests made some wonderful dishes in the evening time at the camp, which were of course washed down with glasses of mulled wine!