The national park of Durmitor is of course famous for it’s stunning and breathtaking mountains, however it also has some beautiful and stunning lakes to discover! Indeed the Black Lake is the premium tourist attraction of the Durmitor area and it is the largest and the best known of 18 glacial lakes on the mountain. The lake is easily accessible, as it is within walking distance from our camp, almost like it is in our backyard! A 3.5 km walking path circles around the entire lake, and it is a popular destination for all recreational activities.  Our guests went there to relax, swim, meditate, rent kayaks and enjoy trekking. Many mountain trails lead from the lake to other smaller lakes around Zabljak and other mountain peaks. The lakes are the perfect place to visit during the warm and hot summer months, when guests can be adventorous and take swims and dips, as did a few of our brave hearted guests this summer! The lakes offer us a great feeling of being by the water and when out with our guests on activities we tried to take all our breaks by lakes, for their calm and relaxing settings. The lakes are also full of wildlife and last season we saw snakes, ducks, fish, crabs and frogs. We’ve attached all photos from guests for you to enjoy!