Hello to everyone and it really has been too long since our last post, however with our busy main summer months now over, we shall try to add new posts whenever possible! ) With a huge welcome, the month of September has bought nice sunshine back to Durmitor; after the rainiest month of August on record. The month of September has two regional fitness challenges based in the mountains of Montenegro ‘The Northern Challenge Race’ held in Mojkovac and ‘The Skyrunning’ challenge held in Durmitor. The endurance races are excellently organised and include running, kayaking, mountain biking, etc; all great for keeping fit and active! The scenery is also amazing on the races and include canyon’s, mountains, rivers and lakes, with the races based on heights of over 2000 meter’s above sea level. If anyone still fancies a challenge of their own? they can also book a tour with us fast, while we’re still open till the 1st November and enjoy Zip Lining, Trekking, Rafting and Mountain Biking – so we look forward to welcoming you at our camp!