Hi folks, sorry it has been a long time since our last post as it has been a busy month with guests starting to arrive and now heading into our main seasonal months of business. Our recent guests Jenny and Peter pointed out the beautiful nature and wild flowers & herbs which grow along the valleys and mountains of Durmitor; they said I should do a post on this and place some of the images on our site, which I am doing right now! Along with many edible berries and mushrooms in this area, there are also many herbs such as Jupiter Bush, Lungwort, Speedwell, Wild Thyme, Dandelion, Mint, Yarrow and many more, which are medical herbs. The pure, unpolluted nature in Durmitor makes this herbs even more valuable and considered to be more healing. Medical herbs grow right here in the unpolluted nature of Durmitor, ready to help you keep your health, but also your soul, which may enjoy the wonderful scenes on Durmitor! Although we do concentrate on highlighting the adventure activities it’s always good to note the stunning nature that surrounds us here!