Yesterday we read a great article about the Blake lakes on the website Vijesti.me. The article was written by Jasna Gajevic whom visits the Black Lakes each year. The article is a fantastic write up of the lakes and all of its unique charm and pristine beauty. She writes “The Black lakes, are the most beautiful gift of nature and I come to visit at least twice a year, however each time you get to the point when as if, that I see it enraptured like it is again my first time, and I can not explain this love for the lakes”. She wrote a brilliant article and some of the highlights are “During the tour of the lake, I am never bored because the atmosphere is always different, with different sounds and levels of water. Indeed the Black lakes are no ‘attraction’, as it is an attraction in itself. The surrounding mountain of Medved (Bear) is a climb up, however the view from Medved mountain back down of the lake is absolutely perfect. I’ve never been happier than me when I arrive back near the shores of the lake”. We shared a couple of her wonderful photos.