A group of adventure souls from the mountaineering club of Zeljeznicar in Croatia took advantage of nice weather in February to visit the territory of northern Montenegro and climb the mountain of Halja. They climbed with local mountaineers led by guides from the ski club Halja. The mountain Halja is located in a different area to Durmitor and is a 3 hour drive away, however we thought we’d share photos from their trip and the amazing views of the beautiful Montenegrin landscapes. The group leader Mr Kurtagic said “the Hajla weather conditions were ideal for the outdoor activity and this climb completely uses all climbing equipment. The first part of the climb is very difficult because of new snow, which was over a meter, while in the second half of the climb it is completely ice-bound and the entire climb lasts 7 hours”. The mountain of Halja has a peak of over 2000 meters above sea level and mountaineers can also stay overnight in mountain huts. We hope to bring you news from Durmitor mountaineering trips in the coming weeks.