This month the UK Guardian newspaper chose Durmitor and Zabljak to be included in the top 10 destinations for adventure holidays in 2016! They listed countries which offered activities of hiking, cycling, kayaking or horse riding and more, but which also have the most stunning locations in Europe. The newspaper highlighted Zabljak and Durmitor for it’s amazing mountain scenery! There was also another recent online article by Ivan Otovic who again wrote kind words for the mountains of Montenegro. Ivan wrote an article for online Slavorum. He wrote for Montenegro ‘I am writing about Montenegro because I want to show what actually means the slogan ”Wild Beauty”. Maybe you have heard of Mount Durmitor and its clear blue lakes called “Mountain Eyes”. The dense evergreen forests that are still inhabited by wolves and bears. This mountain is a paradise for hikers, botanists and other lovers of nature. It is also great for lovers of good food, as the foothills of Durmitor has the town of Zabljak, where there are numerous restaurants that offer excellent local dishes such as kacamak (polenta), lamb in sauce and cheese’s’. These articles are highlighting the Durmitor region ever so well and are completely accurate, as the area of Durmitor is truly breathtaking and the town of Zabljak offers a great choice of restaurants and bars. Here at Montenegro-Mountain we hope that many more writers will visit here and promote this amazing region!