Hello to all and sorry for not posting in a while, as we are currently getting our coastal base for our Surf & Turf tours ready for season 2018! A Happy Easter to everyone and we hope you are all getting ready for your Adventures this summer! We are again currently offering great discounts for guests to take advantage of and we hope this will entice further Adventurers to join us this summer. In the meantime here are a couple of photos of our Traffic Jams in Durmitor National Park! 🙂


Well although Winter is still in full swing in Durmitor and many are skiing and snowboarding, we at Montenegro Mountain have started looking ahead to when the snow will start to melt away and the beautiful green grass and meadows come out in the summer season! With this in mind and as always, we are trying to help out families and groups to take advantage of early price discounts we have in place. It’s now a great time to book an Adventure with us for season 2018! We are making big improvements to our mountain Camp planned for the Spring and will offer even more facilities & comforts, making the Camp an even better experience! We plan to also offer more activities, such as Rock Climbing and Camping in tents in the mountains, of this we’ll inform you in the next few posts!


Just wishing a very Happy New Year and Festive Greeting from us all at Montenegro Mountain! We hope all of our past guests, future guests, friends and family have a fantastic festive holiday; and that you all have great adventures planned for 2018! For anyone overindulging in food and drink this Christmas, it’s the perfect time to book a great active holiday with us for next season 2018! Take Care XXX