Canyon Nevidio

The ​canyon Nevidio is located in the central part of Montenegro, on the southern slopes of Durmitor. There is ‘Mala Komarnica’ ​r​iver passing through the canyon which rises ​onto the area of​ ‘Dobri do’. Nevidio ​canyon ​truthfully carries its name, as Mala Komarnica ​river ​gets lost after entering the canyon​,​ in a miraculously carved entrance​ which​ becom​es​ invisible to the human eye. Nevidio canyon represents a sort of a gallery of nature whose sculptures are shaped by rocks and water.

The Nevidio canyon is approximately 2 kilometers long, with an altitude difference of 125 meters. The canyon cliffs reach 450 meters in height and in some areas only half a meter in width. The entrance to the canyon is located at an altitude of 1050 meters. One of the best attractions to this area is the village Poscenje, which has two glacial lakes and a periodic waterfall called Skakavica – which scatters water of Grabovica river into the canyon from a seventy meter high rock. Nowadays, the Nevidio canyon represents the unique tourist attraction, with its beautiful gorge, foamy & sparkling waves, cascades and pools these are reasons enough to visit the canyon!

The plan is as follows:

  • Meeting with guide at our camp in Zabljak at 09.00 am – All our guests taking this activity will need to fill in a simple form including First name, Last name, ID card/passport details for insurance purposes. *Each guest signs a statement of responsibility. The form filling may also occur the night before this activity.
  • Depart for the Canyon at 10.00 am – A twenty minute drive to Nevidio which passes by Lake Plateau, Savin kuk and Sljeme mountain views. The journey passes through the tunnel “Ivica” which is 2.2 km long. During the trip we make a short stop in the restaurant Izvor, where guests choose their lunch – so waiting for food after the completed activities is shortened.
  • Arrive to base at 11.00 am to change into equipment and we have a debrief with guides for the overview of everything that should be taken care of inside of the canyon, as well as how to behave properly in it.
  • Enter into the Canyon at 11.15 am, following a guide who is there to assist you in all technically demanding details. The first half of the passing is easier, with few jumps and minor details. This is kind of a preparation for what follows.
  • At the half way point of the canyon we have a rest and we as a group renew energy with refreshments and chocolate.
  • In the second part of the adventure, the canyon will become more difficult, and therefore more interesting with great details that follow one after another. Jumps become more frequent and larger. *During the whole trip the guides will make photographs of the group and record jumps that the group make.
  • Exit the Canyon at approx 14.15 pm where our guests will have some time to rest with sweet refreshments, removal of all unnecessary equipment and prepare for the following ascent so the group can be returned to the place of departure. In our way back to the camp (start) we pass through ruins of the monastery which dates back from the XI century.
  • We head to the restaurant at approx 15.00 pm. Where guests take off all equipment, change back into dry clothes and where we have ready lunch. During lunch the guides will transfer photos and videos and burn them on DVD.
  • Arrive at our camp at approx 17.30 pm.

Canyon Nevidio Price

This price is based on 5-10 guests in group = €100.00
This price is based on 10-14 guests in group = €90.00

The price includes:

  • Specified Route through Canyon
  • Transport from/to our camp
  • Canyon Guides
  • All Equipment
  • Traditional Montenegrin Lunch
  • Insurance
  • DVD recordings/Photos
  • The National Park Entrance Fee

Equipment Required

  • Good Mountain Boots
  • Swimwear
  • Change of Clothing


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